New season, new designs, new colours and new product types. These are the principles upon which the innovative Cosi collection 2021 is based. Cutting edge design and the application of new techniques combine to create a brand-new fire and heat collection.

All products have been manufactured to help you make the most of your cherished time outdoors. Cooler temperatures often mean that people can’t always sit outside whenever they feel like it. With Cosi you can now become less reliant on hot weather and extend the summer season with the warm and homely atmosphere, created by our products.

Whatever your requirements, thanks to our wide range of products, you will always find the Cosi that best suits you. When choosing your favourite Cosi item, function is just as important as style. For further technical information, specifications, including manuals, care and maintenance instructions please head to the product pages and our downloads page and follow us on Facebook and Instagram #cosi_fires.

Download here.