Do you already have a nice dining or coffee table and do you want to incorporate a gas fire into it? That’s possible with one of our Cosiburners.

The Cosiburner Collection features three different built-in burners in two colours, meaning you will always find a model to suit your table. All built-in burners are delivered with a cover plate allowing the table to still be used as normal if the burner is not in use.

A glass set is separately available with each built-in burner, which further enhances the luxurious appearance. If you don’t want to make a recess in your table, choose the Cosiburner Build up. This built-up burner can be placed on top of your outdoor table and a glass set is included.


Size square: 40x40x16.5 cm (lxwxh)
Size rectangular: 52x32x16.5 cm (lxwxh)
Size straight: 60x22x16.5 cm (lxwxh)
Sice build up: 70x20x27 cm (lxwxh)
Colour: stainless steel / black
Fuel: propane gas
Consumption: max. 608 grams per hour
Power: 9 kW
Material: SS or steel
Inclusive: 30 mBar pressure regulator with hose, lava rock and cover plate SS or steel (glass set is only incl. with Cosiburner Build up).


For the final touch the Cosiburners can be combined with several accessories.

The Cosiburners are delivered ready for use. This means that a pressure regulator with gas hose, battery for the ignition, cover plate for the burner and lava stones are supplied with it.

The only thing you still need is a gas bottle. Because you determine in which project you incorporate the burner, you can choose which gas bottle you want to use. This could be a 5 kg gas bottle or a gas bottle with a large capacity of 10 kg.

The ceramic logs are exlusive to the Cosiburners. You choose whether you like the burner better with or without logs.

Do you want to give the Cosiburner an especially luxurious appearance? If so, choose the Cosi square glass set M for the Cosiburner square. For the Cosiburner rectangular, opt for the Cosi rectangular glass set. Choose the Cosi straight glass set for the Cosiburner straight. The glass for the Cosiburner Build up is supplied with it. The glass surround protects the flames against high winds, keeps children and animals a safe distance from the flames and rounds off the Cosibuner perfectly.