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FAQ - Cosi gas lanterns

Usage & Maintenance

  • Does the Cosi gas lantern provide warmth?
    The gas lanterns create atmosphere and cosiness in your garden. The Cosiscoop is not a source of heat. The flame of the Cosiscoop is real fire and gives off heat, but only a small amount of heat is generated (0.4 - 0.7 kW). Always handle fire with care. Keep the Cosiscoop away from children and pets.
  • How do I ignite the Cosi gas lantern?
    Everything you need is a Cosiscoop, a long lighter and a universal 190-gram gas cartridge.

    Step 1: Turn the black bottom ring and remove it from the Cosiscoop. Place the 190-gram gas cartridge upright in the black bottom ring.

    Step 2: Hold the Cosiscoop upright and turn the bottom ring, including the gas cartridge, counterclockwise in the Cosiscoop. Keep turning until you cannot go any further and hear a click. There is a needle on the inside of the Cosiscoop; this nail punctures the gas cartridge if you have turned it far enough.

    Step 3: Make sure the Cosiscoop stands upright on a stable, non-flammable surface. Hold the lighter close to the burner and ignite it. Only then turn the control knob open. The Cosiscoop will start burning.

    Step 4: Switch off the Cosiscoop by turning the control knob to the right as far as it will go. Store the Cosiscoop in a well-ventilated place.
  • How do I keep the Cosi products looking great?
    The Cosiscoop can be kept outside all year. However, the product will stay looking even better if it is stored in a well-ventilated place. Make sure that you always store the Cosiscoop without a gas cartridge in it.
  • What should I do if I smell gas?
    If you smell gas, close the control knob. It may be the case that the gas cartridge has not been put into the Cosiscoop completely upright. Twist the gas cartridge out of the Cosiscoop and try twisting it into the Scoop again. Make sure that it is kept upright. Is the gas smell still present? Try a new gas cartridge. Contact the Cosi partner where you bought your gas lantern if this does not work. Did you order directly from us? Then please contact us via our contact form.
  • Can the Cosi gas lanterns be used indoors?

    The Cosiscoop gas lanterns may be placed and used both indoors and outdoors.

    When the Cosiscoop gas lanterns are used in an indoor area, the following installation requirements apply: 

    1. The appliance must be installed in accordance with the applicable rules and must only be used in sufficiently ventilated spaces. Minimum required ventilation rate stipulated in the Dutch “Bouwbesluit” based on NEN1087: > 0.7 dm3/s per m2 , with a minimum of 7 dm3/s. This ventilation rate in the Dutch “Bouwbesluit” is accepted as the minimum required ventilation rate, also in countries other than the Netherlands. An openable window or louvre is also required. The requirements for other flued appliances or additional Cosiscoop lanterns in the same room or space must be taken into consideration when assessing the required ventilation.
    2. WARNING: Ventilation openings must never be blocked or restricted in any way
    3. The appliance is only suitable for indoor and outdoor use in well-ventilated areas. When used indoors, the room must measure at least 30 m3 (e.g. 4mx3mx2.5m) to allow sufficient air circulation and correct operation of the appliance. To convert from cubic feet (ft3) to cubic metres (m3), divide the room volume in ft3 by 35.3. This volume may include adjacent spaces but these spaces must not be separated by a door. The provided figures apply when using one Cosiscoop lantern in an indoor space. When using multiple appliances in one room, we recommend using these figures for room space and ventilation, and multiplying them by the number of appliances.
    4. This appliance must not be placed in bedrooms, other sleeping areas, in close proximity to kitchens or in bathrooms.

    Important: Always replace the gas cartridge outdoors and away from flammable objects, open flames and other ignition sources, pets and people.

    Further installation requirements can be found in the manual for the gas lanterns, which can be found on our manuals page.

  • Can I use the Cosi gas lantern if it rains?
    Yes, the Cosiscoop gas lanterns are made of materials that can withstand a splash of rain. The heat from the flames will make the lantern burn itself dry when lit.
  • Can the Cosi gas lantern be left outside?
    Yes, the Cosiscoop lanterns are made to be left outside all year round. Of course, the lanterns will last longer if stored in a ventilated area. Make sure you remove the gas cartridge from the Cosiscoop when storing it.
  • I have a problem with my Cosi gas lantern. What should I do?
    Inform the Cosi partner where you bought your gas lantern about the problem. Our partners will be happy to help you and order any necessary parts. Did you order directly from us? Then please contact us via our contact form. We will be glad to help you.

Fuel & Consumption

  • What type of gas does the Cosi gas lantern operate on?
    Cosi gas lanterns operate on gas cartridges filled with a mixture of butane and propane. Easily turn a universal 190-gram gas cartridge into the Cosiscoop. The gas lantern will burn for 5-6 hours on one cartridge. Propane is a by-product from the extraction of natural gas, as well as the refinement of oil.
  • Which type of gas cartridge can I use for the Cosiscoop?
    The Cosiscoop gas lantern operates on a universal 190-gram gas cartridge. In the Netherlands, it is compulsory to buy a gas cartridge with a safety valve. Gimeg, Cadac, Campingaz and Plein air are examples of brands that are safe to use.
  • How long does a Cosi gas lantern burn for on a 190-gram gas cartridge?
    Depending on the height of the flame, a gas cartridge lasts an average of 5-6 hours. That is enough for multiple cosy and atmospheric evenings.


  • What do you supply as standard when I buy a gas lantern?
    Depending on the model, pebbles and glass are supplied with the Cosiscoop. The Cosiscoop collection has various models. Most models are supplied with pebbles. The Cosiscoop Drop is an exception; it is the only model that does not come with pebbles. In addition, no glass is supplied with the following models: Cosiscoop Basket, Cosiscoop Drop and Cosiscoop Urban.
  • Can I order spare parts for my Cosi gas lantern?
    Yes, the glass of all Cosiscoops can be ordered separately if it needs replacing. Has the glass of your Cosiscoop fallen apart? Then order the right glass quickly via our website. Please note: there are different types of replacement glass available, so make sure you order the replacement glass for the correct Cosiscoop model.
  • Where can I buy a gas cartridge for my gas lantern?
    Buy gas cartridges from our partners, garden centres or your local hardware store.