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FAQ - Cosi wood stoves

Usage & Maintenance

  • How do I light the Cosistove safely?
    You can light the Cosi wood stove with a lighter cube. We advise you to use the Swiss method for combustion with as little smoke as possible.
  • How much heat does a Cosistove provide?
    The Cosistove Mid has a maximum heating capacity of 13kW, the Cosistove Major 16kW. The higher the heating capacity, the larger the space that the wood stove will heat. Sitting around the fire will always keep you nice and warm.
  • Can a Cosistove be used inside?
    Yes, Cosistoves prefer to be placed in a covered area, both indoors and outdoors. Make sure you have a well-functioning flue. We recommend you to get this checked out by a specialist every once in a while.
  • Can the Cosi products be kept outside?
    Yes, Cosistoves can be kept outside under a canopy or veranda. Over time, the Cosistove will show signs of rust as a result of the acids from the outside air. This only increases the nostalgic feeling that comes with it. Do you want to prevent corrosion as much as possible? Then make sure to deal with minor damage at once. To do so, use a black scratch spray.
  • My stove has suffered minor damage. What should I do?
    Treat small scratches or imperfections with a black scratch spray. This can be obtained from a Cosi partner near you.
  • I have a problem with my Cosistove. What should I do?
    Inform the seller of the problem. The Cosi partner will be happy to help you and order any necessary parts. Did you order directly from us? Please contact us via our contact form. We will be glad to help you.

Fuel & Consumption

  • How much weight of wood can I burn per hour?
    Too much heat will cause the glass in the door to deform and eventually break. To prevent this from happening, it is important not to burn too much wood per hour. Apart from preventing glass breakage, this also ensures better combustion and less smoke.
    Cosistove Power Weight of the stove Max. weight of the wood
    Mid 13 kW 68 kg 0,68 kg
    Major 16 kW 100 kg 1,00 kg



  • What is included with a Cosistove?
    We sell the Cosistove separately. Of course, it is possible to order the necessary materials along. We sell two standard packages for verandas and canopies, depending on the type of roof. Have a look at the packages here.
  • Can I order spare parts for my Cosistove?
    Yes, we sell various loose parts for connecting and finishing the Cosistove, such as various flue pipes, storey support, fire separation plates, a rosette and a clamping band.
  • Which loose accessories do I need to connect my Cosistove?

    Mounting a Cosistove under your veranda or canopy is easier than it seems at first. The necessary materials can all be purchased together with the Cosistove. Check out the step-by-step plan below to see which accessories you will need to install your wood stove:

    Step 1: Choose your Cosistove:
    Choose the Cosistove with the capacity that suits the room where you want to place it. A stove that is too large often produces too much heat. At Cosi, you can choose between the Cosistove Mid (heat capacity 9-13kW) or the Cosistove Major (heat capacity 11-16kW).

    Step 2: Select the stove pipe(s):
    The smoke from your wood stove must be discharged via a smoke discharge channel. This consists, among other things, of stovepipes and bends. There are two sizes of chimney pipes available: 50 cm and 100 cm. There are also two stove bends available: 45° and 90°.

    Step 3: Select the roof penetration set:
    There are two standard packages for verandas and canopies:

    • a complete roof penetration set for flat/sloping roof tiles, and
    • a set for a roof covered with EPDM.

    Each set contains a double-walled rain hood, one meter of double-walled pipe (200 mm), a roof penetration kit, heat-resistant sealant and a ceramic insulation blanket. It is important to make a transit on your roof. The installation of the flue is then easily done according to the instruction sheet supplied. If you have any doubts about doing this job, always contact a recognized installer.

    Optional accessoires:
    Do you want to finish the roof?

    • Cosistove fire separation plate sloping 200mm:
      Cosistove fire separation plate sloping 200mm: The fire separation plate sloping is used with pitched roofs to prevent fire penetration and serves as a roof finish.
    • Cosistove fire separation plate flat 200mm:
      The fire separation plate flat is used with flat roofs to prevent fire penetration and serves as a roof finish.
    • Cosistove rosette 200mm:
      Use the Cosistove rosette for an extra beautiful finish of the flue.

    Do you want to finish off the roof and provide extra support for the stove pipe? Then you can choose the:

    • Cosistove roof mounting bracket 200mm:
      this roof mounting bracket can be used to easily secure the chimney to a sloping roof.
    • Cosistove storey support 200mm:
      this storey support can be used to easily secure the flue to a flat roof.
    • Cosistove clamping band 200mm:
      provides extra support for the stove pipe.

    Do you want to protect your floor from the heat of the wood stove, fire sparks or glowing ash?

    • Cosistove floor plate black:
      this floor plate is recommended for a wooden, laminate or carpet floor.

    Find all Cosistove accessories here.