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FAQ - Cosi burners

Usage & Maintenance

  • What are the dimensions of the Cosiburners?

    De Cosiburner square: 40x40x16,5cm (lxbxh)
    De Cosiburner straight: 60x22x16,5cm (lxbxh)
    De Cosiburner Build up: 70x20x27cm (lxbxh)

    Would you like to make a recess in your existing garden table for the Cosiburner square or straight? Then please use the following dimensions:

    • Cosiburner square: 35x35cm
    • Cosiburner straight: 55x17cm
  • I have a problem with my Cosiburner, what should I do?
    Inform the seller about the problem. The Cosi partner will be happy to help you and order any necessary parts. Did you order directly from us? Then please contact us via our contact form. We will be glad to help you.

Fuel & Consumption

  • What type of gas cylinders can I use?
    You can use standard propane gas cylinders for the Cosiburners. Because you decide where the Cosiburner is installed, you also choose the gas cylinder you choose. These can also be gas cylinders with a large capacity of 10 kg.
  • How long can a Cosi built-in burner burn on a gas cylinder?
    The Cosiburner burns, depending on the height of the flame, for an average of 8 hours on a 5 kg gas cylinder. With a lower flame, the gas cylinder can last up to 10 hours. That is long enough for evenings full of cosiness around the fire.
  • On what type of gas do the Cosi fireplaces burn?

    Cosi fire tables run on propane gas. Propane is a by-product of both the extraction of natural gas and the refining of crude oil. Propane gas is released during these processes. About 60% of the propane gas comes from the extraction of natural gas. The other 40% comes from refining oil.

    The extraction of oil and natural gas automatically releases propane gas. This by-product is now also used in various products such as gas bottles, bulk tanks and gas for cars.

  • Can the Cosi built-in burners be connected to natural gas?
    The Cosiburners only work with propane gas cylinders. In principle, you could have the Cosiburner converted to a natural gas connection by a gas technology specialist. However, our fire tables have only been tested and certified for propane cylinders. That means that after adjustments to the gas system of the Cosiburner, the manufacturer's warranty will be void.
  • When should I replace the gas hose and pressure regulator?
    To prevent gas leaks, we recommend replacing the gas hose every three years. Replace the pressure regulator every five years.


  • What is included with the Cosiburners?

    You will receive your Cosiburner including lava stones, pressure regulator with gas hose, cover plate for the burner and battery for ignition. All you need is a gas cylinder! Ceramic logs and an accompanying glass set can be ordered separately from the Cosiburner.

    The Cosiburner Build up comes with glass and a black cover.

  • Which glass set do I need for my Cosiburner?
    With a glass set, you give your Cosiburner a luxurious appearance and protect the flames against wind and curious children's hands. For the Cosiburner square, choose Cosi square glass set M. On the Cosiburner straight, the corresponding Cosi straight glass set fits perfectly. With the Cosiburner Build up, you will receive the right glass set as standard.