Cosiscoop XL black

The big brother of the Original
Available in various colours
Easy to use

Cosiscoop XL black

The Cosiscoop XL is the big brother of the Cosiscoop Original. The XL has a diameter of 20 cm and is a true eye-catcher on your outdoor lounge or dinner table.

Would you opt for black, olive green or taupe with transparent glass? Taupe is a colour between grey and beige and is thus perfect for your garden. The color black is also available with smoked glass. The Cosiscoop XL is easy to use and works on a 190-grams gas cartridge. Place the gas cartridge at the bottom of the lantern, turn the control knob open, and light it with a long lighter. You will then have an atmospheric flame for approximately 5-6 hours.

Do you want to switch it off in the meantime? No problem, the control knob makes it easy to extinguish the flame, which can be ignited the next time with a long lighter. Impress your friends and family with this beautiful gas lantern.

All Cosiscoop gas lanterns operate on a universal 190-grams gas cartridge. Note that you always choose a gas cartridge that is equipped with a gas stop valve. If the gas lantern loses contact with the cartridge, the gas stop valve automatically does its job.

The Cosiscoop XL is delivered including glass and pebbles. Universal 190-grams gas cartridges with safety valves are available at our Cosi partners, garden centres and DIY stores.

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Spare parts
Article number 5801030
EAN code 8712757455232
Material Metal
Colour Black
Fuel Propane/butane gas
Fuel consumption Max 30 gram/hour
Heat capacity 0.4 kW
Heat output Low
Including Glass and pebbles
Dimensions Ø 20,5 x 30 cm

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Step 1


Hold the device upright while performing the following steps. Make sure that the control knob is turned off (OFF). Turn the black bottom ring clockwise out of the Cosiscoop. Then place the 190 grams gas cartridge upright in the black bottom ring.


Step 2


Turn the bottom ring, including the gas cartridge, in the Cosiscoop. Turn until you cannot go further and hear a click. Ensure that the Cosiscoop is upright on a stable, non-flammable surface. Does the Cosiscoop come with glass and/or pebbles? Then place it on top of the Cosiscoop. The pebbles should not cover the burner.


Step 3


Ignite the lighter (length at least 140 mm) while holding it close to the burner and only then turn the control knob open (ON). The Cosiscoop will start burning. A Cosiscoop burns for 5-6 hours on one gas cartridge. To extinguish the Cosiscoop again, turn the knob completely to the right. Store the Cosiscoop in a well-ventilated area.