FAQ - Cosi-Feuertische

Usage & Maintenance

  • How do I ignite the Cosi fire table?
    It’s quite simple! Press the ignition and turn the control knob to the left to open the gas supply. The Cosi will now start burning. Hold the control knob down for 10 seconds and the fire will continue to burn. Time to enjoy the flames!
  • How much heat does a Cosi fire table produce?
    A Cosi fire table has a heat capacity of 9 kW. Meaning that, besides a cosy atmosphere, you also get to enjoy the warmth. You get the most benefit from the heat if the Cosi is placed under a canopy or veranda and out of the wind. Then, the temperature rises noticeably.
  • Can the Cosi fire table be used inside?
    No, they cannot. The Cosi fire tables are specially designed for outdoor use. Place the Cosi fire tables in a location that is at least 25% open. With Cosi, you enjoy the warmth and cosiness outside.
  • Can the Cosi fire table stay lit when it is raining?
    You have turned on the fire table and then it starts to rain. No problem, the fire table can continue to burn. As a result of the heat that it gives off, the fire table burns itself dry.
  • Can the Cosi fire table be kept outside?

    Yes, the Cosi fire table is specially designed for outdoor use. Are you not using the Cosi for a while? We recommend covering the fire table*, using the separately available cover. Are you not using the fire table for a longer period, for example all winter? Then we recommend storing the fire table in a dry, well-ventilated place.

    *Please note: have you purchased a Cosi fire table (partly) made of teak? Teak is not suitable for covering with a cover. Instead, leave the teak tabletop uncovered.

  • I have a problem with my Cosi fire table. What should I do?

    Cosi and/or her partners are glad to help you. Have you bought the Cosi fire table via our website? Then please contact us via our contact form. Have you bought the fire table via one of our Cosi partners? Inform the Cosi partner of the problem. You will find a list of possible malfunctions and solutions below:


    Ignition keeps ticking

    • Microswitch is defective: Replace gas control valve

    No ignition

    • Battery incorrectly installed or empty,
    • Replace automatic ignition, and/or
    • Replace gas control valve

    Flame does not stay lit

    • Thermocouple is loose: secure or replace,
    • Thermmocouple is installed too low: adjust, and/or
    • Replace gas control valve

    Flame goes off after a few minutes

    • Check and tighten thermocouple connection, and/or
    • Replace thermocouple

    Flame goes off while burning, irrespective of time

    • Gas bottle is empty,
    • Gas bottle is too small: ice forming on the bottle,
    • Butane filling: ice forming on the bottle, and/or
    • Thermocouple is loose: secure

    Flame goes on with a pop

    • Gas bottle is on its side, instead of upright: place the gas bottle upright,
    • Replace controller,
    • Ignition battery almost empty: replace, and/or
    • Adjust the plug, it is too close to the burner
  • How should I treat teak?

    Treat the teak table with a teak protector to retain the original colour. Do you prefer natural ageing? Then skip this step.

    Teak is not suitable for covering with a cover. Leave the tabletop uncovered outside or store it in a ventilated area such as a shed or garden house.

    The teak tabletop is made of a natural product. Meaning it continues to change over time, possibly causing cracks and deformations.

  • How do I clean ceramic logs?
    The flames cause ash to accumulate on the ceramic logs. Wipe off light soot with a stiff brush. Clean logs will last for years and give your fire table a fresh look!

Fuel & Consumption

  • Can I install the gas bottle in the Cosi fire table, and how do I do this?
    Yes, Cosi always incorporates the gas bottle into the design. This way, Cosi offers a solution for the gas bottle with her entire collection. Depending on the type of Cosi, there is an easy way to install the gas bottle. The result is a cosy table with beautiful flames.
  • Which type of gas bottle can I use?
    The green, stainless 5 kg Benegas gas bottle fits perfectly in every Cosi fire table. In some fire tables, other steel propane gas bottles fit as well.
  • How long can a Cosi fire table burn for on one gas bottle?
    A 5 kg gas bottle burns for approximately 8 hours, depending on the height of the flame. With a lower flame, the gas bottle can burn for up to 10 hours. In other words: long enough for cosy evenings around the fire.
  • On what type of gas do the Cosi fire tables burn?
    Cosi fire tables run on propane gas. Propane is a by-product of both the extraction of natural gas and the refining of crude oil. Propane gas is released during these processes. About 60% of the propane gas comes from the extraction of natural gas. The other 40% comes from refining oil. The extraction of oil and natural gas automatically releases propane gas. This by-product is now also used in various products such as gas bottles, bulk tanks and gas for cars.
  • Can the Cosi fire table be connected to natural gas?
    Cosi fire tables only work with propane gas cylinders. In principle, you could have the Cosi fire table converted to a natural gas connection by a gas technology specialist. However, our fire tables have only been tested and certified for propane cylinders. That means that after adjustments to the gas system of the Cosiburner, the manufacturer's warranty will be void.
  • When should I replace the gas hose and pressure regulator?
    To prevent gas leaks, we recommend replacing the gas hose every three years. Replace the pressure regulator every five years.


  • What is delivered as standard when you purchase a fire table?
    We deliver all Cosi fire tables including a 30 mBar pressure regulator and gas hose, ceramic logs, lava stones, battery and cover plate. Along with the Cosivista 120 and 160, you will also receive a back panel.
  • What is the advantage of placing the glass set on the fire table?
    A glass set protects the flames against the wind. On the other hand, it protects children and/or pets against the flames. Therefore, if children or pets are often around, we advise you to use a glass set. Besides the extra protection the glass offers, it also gives the table a luxurious look with a great view of the flames.
  • Why should I use a Cosi glass set?
    Cosi glass sets are extra strong, which makes them less prone to cracking and breaking. This is due to the process that the glass has undergone. The glass has been heated to approximately 650 degrees Celsius and is then cooled down. That makes the tempered glass 5 times stronger than ordinary glass.
  • Can I order separate parts for my Cosi fire table?
    Yes, it is possible to order accessories separately, such as ceramic logs, lava stones, a cover plate, a table cover or a glass set. Do you want to replace a part? Please contact us via the contact form.
  • How do I use the protective cover?
    Is the table completely cooled down and dry? Then pull the protection cover over the table, protecting it against weather influences. It is important to remove standing water from the cover regularly and to air the table every now and then.

    Please note: Do not use a cover for a fire table or pillar (partly) made of teak wood. Teak wood is not suitable to cover.
  • Which glass set fits my fire table?

    The Cosi square glass set M is suitable for the Cosibrixx 60, Cosibrixx 90, Cosiflow straight & square, Cosicube 70 and the Cosiburner Square.

    Choose for the Cosiloft 100 lounge table, Cosiloft 100 bar table and the Cosipure 100 the Cosi square glass set L.

    The Cosi straight glass set is suitable for the Cosiloft 120 lounge table, Cosiloft 120 relax dining, Cosipure 120, Cosidesign Line and Cosiburner straight.

    The Cosi round glass set was specially designed for the Cosidrum and Cosiglobe. These two models are no longer available in the Cosi collection.

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